The goal is to create the next generation of leaders from within the East Knoxville community focusing on their spiritual, personal, and professional development. Participants will complete a series of workshops, seminars, discussions, classes, bible studies, and experiences aimed to help them develop a foundation built on faith, develop core values, and develop a five year plan that will hopefully lead towards financial stability and long term success.  In year one we will instruct, employ, and house six young men. 


Spiritual development

  • Proverbs Study Group

  • Testimonials

  • Discipleship and Mentoring


Career Development

  • 10 Month Internship

  • Career Planning

  • College Remedial Support

  • Etiquette and Professionalism


Personal Development

  • Life Skills Classes

  • Financial Literacy

  • Leadership Workshops

  • Public Speaking

  • Team Building

The long term goal is for these young men to become contributing members of society, obtain stable sustainable employment, and end the cycle of fatherless families and generational poverty ultimately becoming leaders and role models in the community through service and volunteerism.

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